Frequently Asked Questions

<p>Free Delivery (standard hours) for orders $100 and above.</p>

Free Delivery (standard hours) for orders $100 and above.


Frequently Asked Questions

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We have 3 modes of payment, Paypal Payment Gateway, Call-In Credit Card (Diners, Amex,Visa or Master), deposit to Bank

Accounts (OCBC / DBS)

Paypal Payment Gateway

Chose this payment option and the system will direct you to Paypal’s payment page.

Call-In Credit Card

You can simply call-in to provide credit details for payment on your orders.

Please get ready your card numbers, expire date and name on card.

Give us the order number if you have already placed order online and chosen this payment option,or you can simply place

your order over the phone.

You will receive a receipt and charge slip via email upon request.

Direct Bank-in payment method

Please bank-in your payment to the following:

Bank : OCBC Bank Ltd
Account Holder :Eden Cottage
Current Account number: 651-866386-001

Bank : DBS Bank Ltd
Account Holder : Neo Ban Seng
Sav-Plus Account number: 033-70202-68

Fax your transaction slip to us at +65 6220 9682 or email to together with your order number. We will call you shortly upon receiving it. We advise you to call us immediately, if you require urgent delivery. Orders will only be sent upon confirmation of payment. does not store any credit card information on our server.

All credit card payment processing are done by PayPal Payment Gateway.

PayPal is a global trusted leader in online payments. PayPal helps protect your credit card/debit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. Below is a list of options that is acceptable in Paypal:

VISA, MasterCard & Amex.

All order will receive a confirmation message from us. If you hear no news from us within 1 hour. Please call us at +65 6220 9629 or email us at For an urgent order, call for an immediate confirmation.

Seasonal conditions may affect the supply of certain kind of flowers. Specific colours or flowers may not always be available. In some cases, substitution may be necessary to fulfil your floral and container requirements. The dimensions given for arrangements are mere approximations. However, you may refer to them as general guideline of the flowers' sizes.

In certain extreme cases, subject to stock-availability, we reserve the right to substitute your order with another item which is of equal or higher value. Containers shown may not always be available as well. In these circumstances, alternative containers of similar value and style will be used. Rest assure we will take pride in providing the best arrangement and value for your order.

For Valentine's Day Orders, please chose the products in Valentine's Day page only.

For Valentine's Day ordering of bouquets/flowers between 9th Feb to 18-Feb,

please select bouquets/floral arrangements/gifts in Valentine's Day Category ONLY.

Orders placed in different categories will be subjected to TOP UP in price difference. We will contact you shortly after receiving such order. If you deem it unsatisfactory, you may chose to cancel the order and we will do a full refund back to your credit card payment account.

If under certain unfortunate and unforeseeable circumstances whereby your credit card transaction has been approved and we were unable to deliver your order, then we would either reverse the credit card transaction, or attempt to fulfil the order again, subject to your preference. We hope such things will never happen.