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Japanese Premium Fruits with Flowers FF19
Japanese Premium Fruits with Flowers FF19
Price : $425.00

Floral arrangement with premium fruits from Japan. (Japanese fruits in it are Musk Melon x 1, Ichigo Strawberries x 2 trays, Fuji Apple x 2, Akibae Apples x 2, Toki Apples x 2, Big Mikan Citrus Fruit Oranges x 5.)

**Design of this product will be prepared in the same way as what the picture has shown, but sometimes due to season availability or urgency of this delivery (same day order and deliver), we do need to substitute certain flowers/fruits in the arrangement. If that ever happens, we will ensure quality flowers/fruits with the same or higher valued ones will be used for the change.

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Larger with more flowers and fruits $150.00
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